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Wybieramy najpiekniejsza ballade SANDRY !!!
 [tally] 15%
Mirrored in your eyes
 [tally] 9%
Your way to India
 [tally] 5%
Will you whisper
 [tally] 3%
Just like diamonds
 [tally] 2%
Stedy me
 [tally] 3%
Painting in yellow
 [tally] 4%
 [tally] 12%
Seal it forever
 [tally] 10%
First lullaby
 [tally] 5%
One more night
 [tally] 14%
Change your mind
 [tally] 3%
When the rain doesn't come
 [tally] 3%
I close my eyes
 [tally] 6%
The art of love
 [tally] 6%
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